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Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop bullying. Together!

We are not afraid…to Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop Bullying. Together!

Stand Up. Speak Out., CCRSB’s board-wide day of action against bullying and in support of positive, healthy relationships will happen TOMORROW!

This year we are focusing on the theme, “We are not afraid…” or “I am not afraid…” and we need our students to be the driving force! We need students to show us what that theme means to them.

Information about how we can all address bullying and work together to overcome it is available at

Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop Bullying. Together.

Gwynne Dyer Presentation

Pugwash District High School presents:  Monday,

September 22nd, 1:30 in our gym auditorium:


File Attachments: 

Emergency Preparedness Drills

We know that some parents feel uneasy about the Emergency Preparedness Drills and why they must be practiced. This letter is intended to provide clarification.

Course Communication Plans

Teachers are in the process of uploading their Course Communication Plans.  These descriptions can be found in the Public Portal ( by selecting one of your child's courses.

Provincial Report Card Changes

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) have made some changes to the provincial report cards.

The DEECD has provided parents/guardians with the following information regarding these changes:

PDHS Information 2014- 2015

Take a moment to glance through our Student Handbook located under the Document Depot tab.

There is a variety of resourceful information related to this coming academic school year.

The Events Calendar has also been updated.

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